Goodbye to Music Mama

It is with immense sorrow that we note the passing of our dear friend and manager, Barbra Crain, alias Music Mama, on April 14th, 2011. Many will remember that on stage Barbra was our link with the audience, tossing tambourines to people and getting kids to come up and dance with us. At rehearsal she helped with lyrics, tempos, and ideas for how to end a song. As our manager she always took care of business with cheerful efficiency and with attention to every detail, right down to whether Lady Keys' single earing was on the side facing the audience.

We will miss her and treasure her memory always.

Here's a line from the song we wrote for her birthday, "Music Mama":
"a syncopated lady, with dancing feet,

she can't keep still and she'll never miss a beat!"

We will be planning a sparkling party in Music Mama's honor, for all who loved her. If you would like to send your memories, or receive information about the party, or just get on our mailing list, please send a message at our new email address

Music Mama sparkling at a gig, pictured with Lady Keys (on left), February, 2011