Los Angeles Gigs and Recording Session Years

- Los Angeles Gigs and Recording Session Years -

Ahhhh…the L.A. years! Shortly after moving from New Orleans to L.A. in the mid 60’s, Leslie became very much in demand for recording sessions. He was the drummer on many hit songs but, ‘back in the day’, those musicians never got credit. After meeting Bumps Blackwell (Producer) and Quincy Jones, his career soared! Leslie was doing 2-6 recording sessions a day, and then gig at a nightclub every night, and he did not even know how to drive yet, or had a car! He finally did so at the tender age of 29! Leslie met and played drums with the best.
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Star Drums in the 1970's

Leslie often played in the recording sessions with Dr. John, also a native of New Orleans.

Les played for 3 years with Sonny and Cher