Music Management

- Music Management -

Since the passing of our manager, Barbra Crain, in April of 2011, we (Star Drums and Lady Keys) will now handle our own music management. Inquiries about bookings and gigs can be sent as an email message using our Contact page, or contact Lady Keys (Gael Kurath) directly at, or 206-522-2779. If you would like to be informed about upcoming gigs, please help us communicate with you by joining our email list. Wish us luck!!

Music Mama in Stars
- Music Management 1998-2011 -

From the beginning of their partnership in 1998 through 2011, Star Drums and Lady Keys 

were managed by Barbra Crain (aka Music Mama) of Bc Enterprises.

Barbra managed the business affairs for Star Drums & Lady Keys, including providing a rehearsal room for their weekly practices, which doubled as a recording studio for CD’s. Barbra negotiated their music contracts for public gigs and private parties, sold their collection of CDs, and kept the media informed of their regular gigs and special events. A few years ago Gael and Leslie wrote a song for her birthday called…’Music Mama’, which is included on their second CD.
she'll never miss a beat

Music Mama at Les's 70th Birthday bash

Original Star Drums & Lady Keys rehearsal room 

Original Rehearsal room piano for Lady keys