New Alligator Soul

- New Alligator Soul -

We moved to the new ‘Gator’ location October 2007, only 3 blocks away on Broadway in Everett, WA.

This restaurant location was gutted out and redesigned from scratch to hold 4 dining rooms (all open to the stage) with a total capacity of 286 people. It boasts a long, beautiful bar with well drinks, wine and beer (cordoned off by a rail), and that good ol’ Creole/Cajun food for which the restaurant is famous, and is also family-friendly. We finally had a large stage to occupy, so Les brought it to life with designing the stage with colored lighting, rope lights, drums and piano risers, tall symbol lamps he made, and a large black curtain to close off the artist’ backstage area. And, of course, we have the black lights for the Star Drums Extravaganza Spectacular on hand. If you want to see real entertainment and hear a great mix of blues, swing, standards, and nostalgic tunes, come join us!

It is with great sorrow that we announce The Alligator Soul closed its doors for good in December of 2010. We treasure the fans and friendships we have developed over the 11 years of being a house band. It was like a second home to us. Will keep our fans informed of where we go to next. Check out the News for the Star Drums and Lady Keys Gig Calendar.
The evening show begins
Chapel Room ceiling

Chef Ryan (BuBu) touches destiny

 Chef Ryan with Owner Rob

Gael teases the audience

Mojo workin' at the new Gator

Party on the Stage at the opening of the new Gator
  'If you see my Little Red Rooster...'