Old Alligator Soul

- Old Alligator Soul -

The ‘Gator’ kept calling me to bring Leslie back with any music partner of his choice, since he had already appeared there. The joint was originally owned by Hillary (Hilbo) and Maureen Craig. They moved to Savannah, GA to open another ‘Gator’ restaurant, and ultimately sold the Everett restaurant to their brother-in-law, Rob Seagal, and managed by Exec. Chef Ryan (BuBu) Sturm. Unfortunately, Hilbo died a few years ago, but his wonderful down home spirit is always with us.

On Halloween Night, October 31 of 1998, the new legend of Star Drums & Lady Keys was born, and they have played as house band there every Saturday night for almost 11 years now; 8 years at the old joint, and 3 years at the new one.

The original ‘Gator’ held only 88 fans, and they were lined up down the block to get in (which picture is on our first CD in 1999), ‘Live at the Alligator Soul’. The ‘joint was jumpin’ every Saturday night in the authentic New Orleans bayou speak-easy scene, and we loved it!

Pretty soon, the walls were bulging so…on to the new ‘Gator’
The Music Team relaxes at the old Soul

The kitchen comes out to hear 'Caravan'!

it was our very first gig 

Hilbo, the original owner

Star Drums, Chef Ryan, Music Mama

posing for the camera

Open door welcome at the Old Alligator Soul
Summers were HOT (literally)


More Fun

Endless Fun
  Les wears out his mallets on 'Caravan'