Seattle - Slamhound Hunters, Freddy James Rockin' 88

- Seattle -

Leslie moved to Seattle in 1977 to ‘retire’ and, of course, he could not give up his passion for his drums, so his career became even busier yet! Besides joining the bands listed below, Leslie often made special appearances with other bands, and led annual benefits for Childhaven, along with many other charitable causes.
- Blue Lights Band -

Leslie also traveled to Alaska as the drummer for the Blue Lights Band. Leslie wrote another original called Mt. St. Helen’s Blues, which he had foreseen and written 6 months before the famous earthquake that rocked Puget Sound area.

- Slamhound Hunters -

Leslie toured Europe with the Slam Hound Hunters in the mid 80’s. Their album of the same name was voted by Rocket Magazine to be one of the top ten (10) best recordings of all time in the Pacific Northwest. Leslie penned one of his songs, Swamp Crab, on their subsequent album.

- Freddy James and
the Rockin' 88’s -

Leslie enjoyed being with this band for 10 years. They played almost 7 nights a week all over Skagit County and Seattle clubs during their ‘heyday’. Leslie expressed that he always wanted to sing, and so that leads us to…..
Star Drums & Lady Keys

 Star Drums with Clarence Acox

 dangerous bluesmen in the early Seattle years

Les and his son Kevin, mirror images on drums