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As of Summer 2018 we have been working on TWO new CDs!

"The Voyage" will be Leslie's original songs with many guest artists 

"Reflections of the Soul" will be a blues party CD with 
Lonnie Williams on saxophone and Walter Young on guitar

Watch for these soon!!!

And L
Our first CD was recorded in 1999…'Live at the Alligator Soul', and really rocks with the great tunes of Muddy Waters, Ray Charles, Solomon Burke, and Les's original, 'What Would Muddy Say About the Blues Today'. All of the CD Insert artwork was created by Leslie.

Our second CD, 'From the Soul' was recorded in our rehearsal studio, with cables running everywhere! 
Leslie and Gael penned several of their respective original tunes on this CD. Dale Schultz contributed the name of the CD and is the whistler on "Do You Know What It Means to Miss New Orleans".  He has the most beautiful and melodic whistle we have ever heard! Dale is also a wonderful help to us with stage props and equipment; he helped Leslie build the drums and piano risers, and set up the initial staging with Leslie. 

Our third CD, 'A Decade of Soul From The Soul', recorded live at the new Alligator Soul in November of 2009, contains all of our loyal fans' favorites (20 songs), and the cover is a photo collage of them along with the Star Drums & Lady Keys team and extended music family.

In December of 2010 Star Drums and Lady Keys finally released the Christmas CD that Les had wanted to do for ten years. 'Songs of the Season' features special guest artists Walter "blues Man" young (guitarist and engineer extraordinaire), Lonnie "Sax Master" Williams, and Matt "Awesome" Clausen on drums. With these talented friends this CD puts new heart and fun into Christmas music - as Music Mama said, "I want to come to the party!". And who can resist Erin's artwork on the cover??

Check the News for updates on future CD release dates

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'Live at the Alligator Soul',  1999

'From the Soul', 2003

back cover of the second CD

'A Decade of Soul',  2010

'Songs of the Season', December 2010

Walter Young, master at both guitar and engineering