Favorite Fans

- Favorite Fans -

There are so many!!

Les is the ‘Pied Piper’ of children, and hands out autographed drumsticks to the kids that come up onstage and have fun on the drums with him.

To all our fans from 2 to 92…
Lady Keys' very favorite fan, Dale

Larry, Denise, and the boys, with us from the very start
Paul, Soul man who's all heart
Jeffrey and Leo keep us rockin'

Robert, Olin, and Geneva at Gael's 50th birthday
kids get autographed drum sticks

Leslie's granddaughters Maddy, Muffin, and Dale's granddaughter Sydney

We love Aunt Mary!

Sarah has it up-side-down!

The Gillis clan - always smiling

Mom Gillis, sweet as honey
Bill and Kathleen have great parties!

Steven's prom night - hes' not 8 anymore!

Bruce is downright scary at Halloween

The night was clear, and the moon was yellow....
George and Bruce, Washington Blues Society
Jasmin and Megan
New Years Eve at The Prohibition

Suzie, Bill, and Les

Walter, Natalia, Isaac, Dale