Guest Artists

- Guest Artists -

So many wonderful guest artists have graced us onstage; we will mention the most frequent ones…

Walter ‘Blues Guitar Man’ Young: guitar/vocals

Walter’s wife, Natalia Young, on our team as photographer/videos

Lonnie ‘Sax Master’ Williams with a wardrobe of horns

Mike Lynch Harp/Vocals

Kim Field Harp/Vocals, and currently leads his new band, 'Mighty Titans of Tone'

Mark Dalton (premier bassist who free lances with many bands, always in high demand)

Joe Cook Harp/Vocals

Mauva Belle- Singer/Entertainer (traveled to the ‘other side’ 2010)

- Drum Students -

Now for the drum students onstage with us from time to time, all are adults now:

Matt ‘Awesome’ Clausen professional drummer

Robert ‘Boom’ Campbell ( Now Snohomish Fire Dept.!)

Ricky Hartwell ( Marines!)

James Allen Jr. (son of piano/organ master Freddy James)

Leslie has taught all of his students the motto that he lives/performs by;

- Photos -

Walter Young on Guitar


Lonnie Williams, Sax Master

Other Guests
Matt 'Awesome' Clausen

Natalia Young, official band photographer

Robert 'Boom' Campbell

Big Don charms the crowd with Rainy Night in Georgia
Mike Lynch and Kim Field at Les's 70th

Ray at Leslie's 70th Birthday bash

The fabulous Mauva Belle

James Allen Jr.

Mike Lynch - harp extraordinaire
Kim Field, Harpmaster
Bill on Harp, Prohibition Grill